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12 New Ryman Videos


I've gotten so much pleasure from watching videos others have posted over the years that it is high time I return the favor.

If you go to YouTube and search for key word mpupik , you should get all 12 of the videos I've posted (10 of which are songs in full, 2 are partial recordings) from the last Ryman show.*

I wish the video and sound quality were better, but I'm happy to share what I've got, particularly for those who couldn't make it to Nashville.

I caught Chris Thile's dad after the last show and told him that Chris, Sara and Sean had brought a lot of joy into my life over the last several years.

Here's hoping they'll return one day for more.

Best to all.

* YouTube videos posted by mpupik

1 Ode to A Butterfly
2 Scotch & Chocolate
3 Ferdinand the Bull
4 Smoothie Song
5 Anthony
6 Texas Red (with Bela Fleck)
7 Lighthouse (with Bela Fleck)
8 I Want You Back
9 Cuckoo's Nest (partial)
10 When You Come Back Down (with Tim O'Brien)
11 Nellie Kane (partial - with Tim O'Brien)
12 The Fox/The Weight
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