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Oh, and one more thing. I'm currently in the process of organizing my NC pics so eventually my photobucket account will be up and running ready for NC Pic displaying.

And one more thing ... If you want to post a picture and actually have it show up in your post there are two simple ways to do it. One is to copy and paste the image link, which will be surrounded with these things [IMG][/IMG] from whatever image hosting website you are using into your post. Or you can save the picture as a JPG, and attach it to your post which is the second to last option of your Reply to Topic window.

Here are some good sites to store your pictures on.


Image Shack

Village Photos

Or you can do a simple search for Free Image Hosting on Yahoo, Google, etc.


So let's get this party started and kick it off with an adorable picture of Chris when he was well ... really really young!
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